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Animania is not it's official name. The name has either been given by fans, or it was refferred to this by any character in Object Overload and it's reboot. Whatever it is, the name is a conjecture.


The land of Animania. Hang on, is that Melony in the far back?

Animania is a fictional, presumably post-apocalyptic plane on Earth. The name may had been coined by the eighth Inanimate Insanity II episode. It is where Object Overload and it's reboot's contestants live and compete in.

Notable Locations

The Creepy Forest

The creepy forest first appears in Branching Out,. It was seen in Branching Out, Lost and Found, and Rostrum Rampage. It is also the first location Gamey was seen in the reboot.

The Great Tree

In Branching Out, the Great Tree was used as a challenge to get to the top. It is 500ft long.

Rapid Rapids

Rapid Rapids is a river used as part of the challenge in In Deeper Waters. There are two seprate paths in the middle of the river, one leading to some beach and the other leading to a large waterfall called Death Falls, where at the bottom is a bunch of spike-like rocks.

Unnamed Island

An unnamed island appears in In Deeper Waters and Lost and Found. It is located below Death Falls.

The island is inhabited by tribal creatures known as tikis. It was the place Tiki (and possibility Television) grew up in.

The Cliff

The cliff appears in Rostrum Rampage. Toothy and his alliance were seen diving down it.

Prison Planet

Prison Planet, or the Noob Moon, was first seen in Set in Stone. It is located in space, possibly above Animainia. Prison Planet is where the eliminated contestants go when they are voted off.

Notable inhabitants


  • Many species of objects, including (but not limited to) gaming systems, peppermints, boomboxes, tikis, clouds of dust, picture frames, crayons, clocks, DVD cases, marbles, watermelon slices, etc.
    • Specifically, the Object Overload contestants and Gamey.


  • Multiple species of real-life animals, including (again, but not limited to) ladybugs, snakes, and dogs.

Confirmed traditions

It is unknown if Animania's inhabitants celebrate any new traditions, but as mentioned twice in the original series, they do celebrate Christmas.

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