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    September 8, 2020 by Squeebs82
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  • YEETPocoyoIsBack




















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  • Kolyash25
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  • YoshiFanon

    I like this show a lot but i personally believe that the characters personality are mostly lacking, bland, uninteresting or sterotypical but not in an interesting way. Hopping that the new series will have better character personalities.

    But i still like my 4 favorites a lot!

    What do you guys think about the personalities? Don't be shy, express your opinions.

    Before i go: Please respect others opinions and NEVER attack anyone or i will tell an admin to block you for being toxic.

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  • YEETPocoyoIsBack

    I HOPE

    July 25, 2020 by YEETPocoyoIsBack

    that my favorite character doesn't get cut for the second reboot.

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  • Blue Tennis Ball

    Guys, be excited. Comments are finally back on Overloadpedia!

    However, please note that you must keep your comments civil.

    That's all  want to tell you guys.

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  • TammySlayton

    Hey guys, Tammy here. I just wanted to thank the admistrators for disabling the comments on the Object Overload 2015 article. They are doing the right thing. I have been seeing alot of my friends posting inappropriate comments that are hurtful and they are being ridiculous. Thank you to the Wiki Admistrators for taking action on this. We are going to be addressing more of this tomorrow. And I apologize. Hopefully this doesn't happen again..

    Have a good night

    -Tammy :)

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  • Exaleaf

    Answer Before Times Out On September 19, 2020!!

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  • YEETPocoyo2007

    OK so

    June 2, 2020 by YEETPocoyo2007

    I'm new here.

    And it's because I'm an OO fan.

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  • Blue Tennis Ball

    Hi, kids! Do you like comments?

    Well...this one was going to be a bit hard to talk about.

    Some of our readers and editors noticed a strange comment boom with nonsensical content on the page Object Overload (2015 series). I have seen some of over 400 comments.

    To get the commentors of our wiki together, I have temporarily disabled commenting on articles. Commenting will be a thing again on June 15th, 2020.

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  • HDLLoserButt

    Hatsune Miku

    May 29, 2020 by HDLLoserButt

    Good morning! I just wanted to let you know that, I will not be posting for a while.

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  • AverageJoe123


    February 23, 2020 by AverageJoe123


    Sanness and 5-Ball are sitting together

    5-Ball: “Yeah, it was horrible!”

    Sanness: “Well... I can’t help you with that... who made fun of you again?”

    5-Ball: “Boulder, why does it matter?”

    Sanness: “I’ll be riiiiight baaaack...”

    Sanness zooms off

    5-Ball: “*sigh* alone again...”

    Sanness zooms over to Boulder, who is lifting weights

    Boulder: “Huh? WHAT ARE YOU LOOKIN’ AT?”

    Sanness: “Buddy... there’s a storm coming”

    Sanness levitates Boulder

    Boulder: “HEY! PUT ME DOWN PUNK!”

    Sanness: “Get ready for a bad time!”

    He begins repeatedly slamming Boulder into the ground

    Camera zooms out to reveal Nine and Shiny Coward watching

    Shiny Coward (bored): “I’m so sick of Sanness’s violence”

    Nine: “He’s just trying to defend his... useless friend”


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  • Blue Tennis Ball

    This is from Lost and Found.

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  • Blue Tennis Ball

    Note: I will not write years for the birthdates, just the day and month of birth (Locky is the only character with a confirmed birthdate), and that these are all my opinion. MOST brithdates are randomized.

    Boombox - 14 (May 21st)

    Boxing Glove - 12 (December 29th)

    Candy - 16 (July 18th)

    Casey - 13 (August 4th)

    Cherry - 12 (May 17th)

    Clock - 15 (August 15th)

    Coney - 13 (April 21st)

    Crayon - 16 (November 20th)

    Disc - 17 (March 13th)

    Dusty - 14 (April 9th)

    Fly Swat - 15 (April 8th)

    Gamey - 28 (November 18th (I chose this one because it was the release day of the Gameboy Color in the US))

    Globe - 13 (July 5th)

    Kite - 16 (April 25th)

    Lighter - 16 (July 25th)

    Locky - 14 (November 6th)

    Marble - 12 (December 31st)

    Masky - 14 (November 26th)

    Melony - 13 (June 16th)


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  • Imjustthere

    I've Just Joined

    August 11, 2019 by Imjustthere

    I just wanna say i just joined this wikia, ask me anything you want here, or leave a message on my talk page if you want. K, that's all. Also, who else is excited for the Object Overload Reboot Reboot, coming 2026

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  • Lablim


    July 24, 2019 by Lablim

    CÇakmak bence dokuya aşık UwU ^w^ ♡w♡~

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  • Vete Valenzuela

    It's this idiot

    He's such a menace to everyone in OO, he's also been killing Tissues too many times. Thank god he was the first eliminated contestant. LIGHTER DESERVES TO BE ERASED FROM THE OSC FOREVER!!!!!

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  • MediaBand

    This wiki is inactive

    November 1, 2018 by MediaBand

    There is not much activity

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  • Twice899

    First blog

    July 28, 2018 by Twice899

    Ok nothing to see.

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  • Blue Tennis Ball

    Here are my headcanons to Object Overload characters. Feel free to suggest a character in the comments!


    • Backstory
      • He was buried in the sand (somehow) and was later discovered by Tiki as a bit of him was sticking out, which they tripped on.
      • Tikis started to watch him around noon. They'd watch him until near sunset.
      • Had a fear of something that lurked in the island that he started to run off. The second time the tikis saw it happen is when they decided they need to find a way so that nothing catastrophic would happen to them while Television was running.
    • Relationships
      • (SOON)

    The Cherries "Cherry"

    • Backstory
      • The legless cherry actually has legs, but they act completley like arms due to being placed higher than his twin sister.

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  • Blue Tennis Ball

    Let's be honest. How bad are limb-based categories, exactly?

    I not sure if categories such as "Arms and Legs" and "Armless" are considered "redundant categories."

    But let's face it. Limb-based categories help people find the right character if they don't who if they had arms and/or legs or not. Color categories, they're redundant. But why limb-based categories.

    I am trying to recover the harm done from the removal of limb-based catefgories. Thank you.

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  • Halljos639

    OO camp

    March 30, 2018 by Halljos639

    type in the comments who you want to be it starts when we atleast get 10 people on

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  • Blue Tennis Ball


    March 14, 2018 by Blue Tennis Ball

    Just decided to make a test dia thing using the dialogue from Rostrum Rampage.

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  • FYX from Inferno


    March 11, 2018 by FYX from Inferno

    oo is dead and you know it

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  • KarateMario4Life


    February 11, 2018 by KarateMario4Life


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  • David180110

    Add All The OO Bodies

    January 27, 2018 by David180110

    No Bodies? Please Add Them!

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  • SamymaS


    December 29, 2017 by SamymaS


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  • Bokurei the Phantump

    its annoying and weird

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  • Blue Tennis Ball

    (This is for Cutiesunflower, a friend of mine.)

    A pretty fateful encounter that led to a friendship began when Kite was young.

    She tripped over a metal egg. One which she has never seen before.

    The egg shook. Then it cracked open.

    Kite was away from the egg as she checks to see if her ankle was broken or sprained in some way.

    She was fine. But when she turned around, she say a bunch of eggshell, surrounded by a gray, metal object.

    Kite walked toward the newborn object, which didn't budge or move or...anything. Just sat there emotionless.

    "Uh, hello." Kite said to the object. Since the metal creature can't move, it didn't say anything, as if it was frozen.

    A month has passed. The object started to move, though it jitterd and jattered while sparks f…

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  • Blue Tennis Ball

    Part 1: here

    Part 3: Not out yet

    Part 4: Not out yet

    A few months later, the egg hatched. Four legs came out of the egg.

    The creature with its body inside ran around until hitting a wall. The eggshell cracked on the front, revealing its face for the first time.

    "Hi?" the sphere said to the creature.

    The creature saw Snowglobe, and walked toward him.

    Snowglobe helped the creature out of its eggshell, revealing the rest of its body. It is a quadruped with a lumpy yellow body.

    "Hi, little guy, or are you a girl?" the sphere said. "My name's Globe."

    The clock, still hanging atop of Globe, looks curiously at the newborn creature, who suddenly begins to swing its leg onto his face.

    However, the yellow creature was just touching the clock.

    At the night of t…

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  • Blue Tennis Ball

    Part 2: W.I.P.

    Part 3: Not out yet

    Part 4: Not out yet

    (This is the second fanfiction with four parts that I own. The first being "How Candy Cane and Cherry Met." Instead, it would be written all by me and not collabed with someone (ex. TheTwistedMangle))

    (Felt like writing how Snowglobe was born, how he found Popcorn's egg, how Popcorn was born, and so on so forth.)

    A huge pile of snow was in the ice plains on a pretty cold day.

    That day, a small creature popped out of the pile.

    The creature had a round, hollow, spherical head made of glass, and a brown wooden stand at the bottom.

    As the glass globe took his first steps out of the pile of snow, snow somehow got into his hollow head, eventually, when the globe got out, piles of snow was inside his…

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  • Blue Tennis Ball

    There is a fan-made character named "Acorn" you possibly never heard of before. He was the cause of a large vandalisim in the Object Overload Wiki (people editing pages to include Acorn as if he were a real character). Michael Jamison first created this character on April 28, 2017 after redirecting it from "The Nutshack." People then think he was real, and started vandalizing the wiki's pages to include him. If he were to be an acual character, he would be on Team Tune, since she seems to only like him as a friend (yes, that's similar to Marble and Pearly!). However, I tried to stop the vandalisim by putting the delete template on the article in hopes of an admin deleting it. However, Explosy remove the template on the first attempt. Howev…

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  • TheTwistedMangle

    (A/N: This is my version of Hurt Feelings! Title and idea by Insanipedia!)

    He was my friend.

    My only friend.

    But not a true friend.

    I've never had a true friend.

    And I never will.

    I stared at the photo album with each burning, heartaching second. My heart and soul had caution tape wrapped around it. Touch it by the slightest bit and I breakdown.

    Nobody knows what I'm going through. Nobody knows how I feel. I'm only a sadistic apath now.

    The caution tape becomes weaker everyday. By burning emotions. By undesirable memories. By tears of resentment and anger that flood my eyes. Why am I alive if I'm just going to experience pain and desperately wish for a solution everyday, when nothing but more agony comes on the way?

    To suffer. I am meant to suffer …

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  • TheTwistedMangle

    Most of my ships are Casey ships and she's shipped with all males (not against gay people or relationships).

    NOTE: I ship enemies (and I LOVE to) If you do not like enemy shipping, then don't read this. Most of them are enemy ships.

    Casey x Clock:

    This comes in second place. It's adorable! Their interactions and personality clashes both in the reboot and original are well written and interesting! Even though they're the type of "polar opposite" ship, I believe they balance each other out uniquely and original way!

    Casey x Snowglobe:

    Everyone's gonna murderer me for this. This is my #1 favorite Casey ship and maybe even my favorite ship in general. I love how they're paired up together to get Team Tune's boat, how ironic.

    Casey x Cherries:

    This is…

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  • Blue Tennis Ball

    This is a fan-fiction. If you liked this, go check out Mangle's fan-fiction of Lockivision (Locky x Television) and Melonble (Melony x Marble)/Pearlble (Pearly x Marble).


    Locky was trying to find something. “Where is the perfect gift?”

    “I dunno, it can be anywhere”

    It was December, where everyone gets ready for Christmas. Locky was ready, but she wasn’t sure of her next-door neighbor.

    That guy is Fly Swat, of course.

    He has been sitting near the desk for a while. There was a box set on the desk, as well as some wrapping paper and ribbon.

    Locky then came up with an idea.

    “Fly Swat, OMG, I got an idea of what we should put in!”

    “What is it?”

    Locky is very excited, “How about we send in...ourselves?”

    Fly Swat was shocked. “Are you crazy?…

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  • Blue Tennis Ball

    Yay some OO/OOR fan-fiction!

    So I will do some fan-fiction, some may be crossovers while others are all OO(R) related.


    • Tac Hat (pronounced Tak-hat) (Taco x Top Hat) - British Stuff
    • Pearlble (Pearly x Marble) - Fun Time
    • Short Story: Following Me
    • Short Story: Friend Triangle
    • One-Shot: Don't Freeze Now

    NOTE: I cannot ship enemies (Clock x Boombox would be silly) so don't ask for one.

    I do it random order because I like going through which is a good fan-fic to write.

    You can comment for a one-shot idea!

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