Boxing Glove is a male contestant on Object Overload and it's reboot. He was placed on Team Tune in the original version and will possibly be on the same team again in the reboot.


Boxing Glove appears to be a standard boxing glove, a glove used in the sport of boxing. His body is red, and his sleeve is light gray.


Boxing Glove is a kind contestant (according to Fly Swat), but everyone else never stops accusing him of killing people, making him normally sad. He is often mistaken by the other contestants as a bloodthirsty and risky murderer (which has something to do with his appearance of being a boxing glove), but this is clearly not the case.


  • Even though he joined Toothy's alliance in Lost and Found, he isn't in the alliance in Rostrum Rampage.
  • Boxing Glove is sometimes mistaken for a girl, due to his voice.
    • This problem also occurs with Toothy, but Toothy's problem is more likely to occur than Boxing Glove to do his high-pitched voice.
  • Boxing Glove is clearly, a popular member of Team Tune in the series, because of his personality.
  • He may be considered as a fan favourite due to most people feeling bad for him.
  • Boxing Glove in one of the five people with two words in their name, the others are Soccer Ball, Fly Swat, Paper Airplane, and Top Hat.
  • He also appeared in episode 2 of Object Stranded as a non-contestant.
  • Boxing Glove is similar to Jigsaw from Object Mayhem in multiple ways:
    • They are almost usually alone.
    • They are both normally sad.
    • Both of them have low friends.
    • Both of them have arms and legs.