Candy is a female contestant on Object Overload and its reboot. She was placed on Team Time in the original series.


Candy appears to be a starlight mint, a type of peppermint candy. Her stripes are red and white.


Candy is self-centered and very picky. She is obsessed with her peppermint markings, known in the series as stripes, and hates it whenever they are washed off with water or when no one notices the difference whenever she changes the color of her stripes. She's frememies,or half-friends-half-enemies, with Globe because of a reason depending on whichever version of the show. In the original version, she sometimes treats Globe like dirt because he didn't notice the change in her stripes as they were 3% darker than before the events of Object Overload, and in the reboot, she is randomly partly enemies with Globe, in which sometimes the reason of Candy being mean to Globe was because she thought he was being mean to her.

Elimination History

Episode Status
Set in Stone Safe
Branching Out Safe
In Deeper Waters Immune
Lost and Found Safe
Buckets of Fun Eliminated


  • According to Rostrum Rampage, Candy hates it when she is in the water because it washes off her stripes.
  • Candy makes an appearance in a show called Shape Battle, as she was one of the many characters who appeared for the challenge in episode 3a of the show. In it, she was a temporary contestant for the episode, and was placed on Circle's team.
    • Candy is one of two people that appeared on Shape Battle. The other being Tissue
  • The only time when Candy was shown with other than red stripes was in In Deeper Waters, where she was shown with green stripes for a scene rather than the usual red.
  • Candy is the only contestant and character who has a name that ends with "y" to not have that letter not added to the object's real name.
  • She is one of three people to not be named after their species, as she is called "Candy" instead of "Peppermint." The others are Pumpkin and Globe
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