Crayon is a female contestant on Object Overload and its reboot.


Crayon appears to be a coloring, or wax, crayon, a crayon used by most children when drawing pictures. Her wax and lines on her paper are yellow, and her paper is white.


Crayon is the tallest contestant on the show. Her wax, which is shaped like a cylinder with a cone that had its point cut off, is yellow. A white paper with yellow lines covers the flat part of her body from crayon-tip down.


Crayon acts like a typical teenage girl, but she is very bossy and stuck up. She makes sure she always looks beautiful and makes sure everyone knows what she is gossiping about. She doesn't do a lot in challenges, so she sometimes gets her right hand man/lady/thing Melony to do the work. She is also bossy, such as when she tells Melony to get the executioner (which is an anvil) to kill Television. If anyone is not following her, she will get revenge, showing that she is vengeful. She also shows no remorse for anything, as she planned some sort of scheme that would likely happen in Buckets of Fun (the cancelled episode) toward her team. When bullied by Lighter, she has a soft, frantic side.

In the reboot, she gets a little nicer. Normally, she is nice, but when something happens (e.g.: her phone being knocked off her hands by a dodgeball and the phone falling into the water), Crayon triggers her evil side, hurting others. However, she eventually calms down but passes out afterward.

Elimination history

Episode Status
Set in Stone Safe
Branching Out Risk
In Deeper Waters N.U.F.E.
Lost and Found Eliminated


  • She is the lowest ranking female in the original series.
  • Crayon is similar to Match from Battle for Dream Island because both of them act like teenagers.
  • In Lost and Found, Crayon describes the word "exquisite" as "stupid, dumb, and lame," though in actuality, it means extremely beautiful.
    • So she actually complemented everyone.
  • Crayon makes body appearance in Inanimate Insanity II episode 5 when Apple was drawing with her Crayons, as they were colored idles of crayon.
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