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Disc is about something that has been cut or replaced. They might have been removed from the reboot or from another episode.

Disc is a character in the Object Overload franchise. He only appeared as a contestant in the 2013 series.


Disc appears to be a dark-grey colored vinyl disc record. The center of him is silver colored. He also has round stripes on his body.


Disc is a carefree contestant, not caring much for anyone except Ping Pong Ball, whom he is best friends with. He just lives along with life in the easiest ways possible.

Elimination History

Episode Status
Set in Stone Immune
Branching Out Immune
In Deeper Waters Eliminated


  • When Disc screams, his scream is similar to Blocky from BFDI.
  • The End of the Beginning was the only episode of the original series where Disc never spoke.
  • Disc may be actually composed of plastic and aluminum and not vinyl, as shown in Branching Out when he smashed on the flagpole and shattered.
  • He is the first Team Tune member to be eliminated.
  • Disc's name is often misspelled as Disk by fans.
  • Disc is one of the four characters who got cut from the reboot.
    • This makes him the only eliminated contestant to be cut from the reboot.
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