Dusty is a male contestant in Object Overload and its reboot.


Dusty appears to be domestic dust shaped into a cloud. His body is brown.


Dusty is the "stupidest" contestant, being very lazy. He is easily pleased.

Elimination History

Episode Status
Set in Stone Safe
Branching Out Safe
In Deeper Waters Immune
Lost and Found Safe
Buckets of Fun Safe
Episode 8 Immune
Episode 9 Eliminated


  • He is easily killed, by just being passed through or touched, like Bubble from Battle for Dream Island. Coincidentally, both of them have multiple things in common, like:
    • Being easily killed.
    • Have both arms and legs.
    • Having a slightly transparent body.
  • Dusty, however, has died fewer times than Melony, the second easiest contestant to kill.
  • Dusty sometimes transforms into non-sediment dust when he dies, as shown in Rostrum Rampage.
  • In the reboot, Dusty becomes Top Hat's student.
  • He was originally voiced by Adam Katz, the creator of Inanimate Insanity.
    • In the reboot, however, he was voiced by Niall Burns.
  • Dusty is the only contestant with transparency that isn't colored blue.
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