Fly Swat is a male contestant on Object Overload and it's reboot.


Though a bit shy, Fly Swat tends to think before he acts, unlike the other members in Toothy's alliance. He often corrects someone if they used the wrong word in certain sentences, and takes things in a sly manner. He's rarely seen aggravated or even angered.


  • Fly Swat is the only newbie in Set in Stone to have arms.
  • While he did join the game in Set in Stone, he also joined Toothy's alliance in the same episode and, as of In Deeper Waters, is in co-leader status.
  • A 2012 video was released called "A new character?!" which is a poll for the people of who to be the last contestant to join Object Overload. The two were Fly Swat and Locky. However, Niall made both join on December 10, the day the poll ended.
  • Fly Swat is voiced by Samuel Thornbury, the creator of Object universe and Object Twoniverse
  • Fly Swat's body makes an appearance in the seventh episode of Inanimate Insanity II, where it was used as an actual fly swatter.
  • He is the only newbie from Set in Stone to be in Toothy's alliance.
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