You did not just bump into ME!

Lighter is a male contestant in Object Overload and its reboot. He was placed on Team Time.


Lighter is very cruel, sadistic, malicious, murderous, and homicidal. He likes to kill anyone (mainly Tissue, whom he was once friends with) any millisecond if he feels like it. At times, he will use violence as a threatening message if anyone will disobey him. Lighter rarely and occasionally opens fire to burn people, such as Tissue.

Elimination History

Episode Status
Set in Stone Eliminated


  • Lighter is Niall's least favorite character.
  • In Lost and Found, it was revealed that Lighter and Tissue were first friends.
  • Lighter is the only character to turn another character into a different shape, permanently.
  • Lighter, according to Niall, is the hardest voice to cast, as Niall's throat goes sore when voicing Lighter.
  • There is another Lighter in Object Havoc. While they both have the same personalities, they are different in appearance.
  • Lighter can shatter, as shown in Rostrum Rampage when Picture kicked him, causing him to shatter.
  • He is the only contestant that can open fire.
  • He is the lowest ranking contestant in the original series.
    • He is also the lowest ranking male in the original series.
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