Lightswitch is a character designed by Niall Burns and a possible character that would appear in the next installment of the Object Overload franchise, most likely in the upcoming series. He was originally made for the CrapThatsCool DeviantArt camp, only coming out in fourth place in his first attempt in the fifth season but winning the seventh.


Light Switch appears to be a regular, common, house light switch. He's white coloured, His button is placed directly between his eyes,making it look like a "nose". He also has two little screws on his sides.

Character Bio

According to his character bio from his CTC 5 audition: "Lightswitch is a very quick thinker, he's able to put pieces together very quickly and this allows him to come up with solutions to problems very easily. Unfortunately, due to his fast-thinking nature he will very often make very reckless decisions if they are the first things that he thinks to do. He works well with others, but never wants to be in a leader position because of his aforementioned decision making problems."


  • He's one of the two (possible) debuters in a future reboot, along with PB and J.
  • XanyLeaves created Lightswitch for TTGuy1000's CTC, While TTGuy1000 created Orager for XanyLeaves' TROC 3 and 5.
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