*OLD* Object Overload- Episode 6 - Lost and Found

*OLD* Object Overload- Episode 6 - Lost and Found

Lost and Found is the sixth and final episode of the original Object Overload.


Continuing from the previous episode where Kite got herself caught in a rope trap, she wakes up asking where toaster is. Suddenly, a person who looks like a one-headed Tiki (who is also named Tiki) appears, causing Kite to scream. After she stops screaming, the trap breaks, causing Kite to be unconscious once again. She reawakens shortly after with the tiki in front of her. The tiki tells her what happened while she was there. After she tells her name to Kite, she reminds her of her friend. The tiki remembers Tiki (who she calls her "big sister"), and knows about Object Overload since the tikis watched it on a "big glowy box" all day. She then decides to introduce Kite to the other tikis on the island.

Meanwhile, Boombox is trying to locate where Kite and Toaster went after they fell down the waterfall.



  • Dusty bursts into dust when Gamey threw a chunk of dirt at him.
  • Melony is sliced in half by a stick Casey threw.
  • Tiki kicks Snow Globe, breaking his globe in half.
  • Casey dies after being launched into the air when Tiki kicked her. (Debatable, as Casey was possibly being over-dramatic)
  • Television passes through Dusty, killing him.
  • Television is crushed by Globe.
  • Snow Globe's globe is shattered by Toaster.


  • Fly Swat hits the ground hard from a great height when Paper Airplane dropped him off at the island.
  • Casey is kicked into the air by Tiki (if she did not die after landing)
  • Candy is bit by a venomous snake.
  • (Prior to Object Overload) In the photo album Tissue was seeing, Lighter burns a hole through Tissue and wads him up.


  • Candy stated that a snake bit her arm, though she kicked it before running.


  • This is the first episode where a double elimination occurred.
  • Marble, Pearly, Toaster, and Top Hat did not have speaking roles in this episode. The legless cherry also did not have a speaking role.
  • This is also the first episode where backgrounds of contestants were explained and shown.
    • Tiki and Television used to live on an island until getting into the box by accident.
    • Tissue and Lighter were first friends, but this friendship was ended once Lighter burned Tissue.
  • This episode is the only episode where Boxing Glove is in Toothy's alliance.
  • This is the first and last episode made in 2014, as the reboot was released in 2015.
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