Marble is a male character in the Object Overload franchise. He appeared as a contestant in the 2013 and 2015 series, and he is the show's current mascot.

Character Bio

Marble is a toothpaste marble that has lost a tooth at some point prior to Object Overload. According to Niall in a reply to a comment on the Object Overload tribute video, he rode a wagon down a hill when he crashed right into a tree, thus causing the tooth loss. He is a blue marble with streaks of maroon and teal.

Marble is an outgoing, energetic, and somewhat mischievous person who loves pranking people with his best friend, Soccer Ball. However, when their prank ends up escalating into danger, he will end up feeling remorse. According to his Battle for CornCake 2 entry, he is stated to be very competitive as well.

In the 2013 series, he had a crush on a freshwater pearl named Pearly, who would often friend-zones him. In fact, he eventually formed an alliance with her in "In Deeper Waters," thus making it the second alliance to ever been formed on the show (the first being Toothy's alliance, which formed prior to the events of the show). Ping Pong Ball is presumably the only person who even knows about Marble's crush, although because of suspicion.

His personality bio from BFCC2 is as stated: "He's kinda happy or something I don't know he's a jolly old boy and he's so lovely and nice to every single everybody. (Seriously though he's energetic and very outgoing, he tends to be loud and is a very competitive person.)"


Marble appears to be a toothpaste marble made of glass. His body is clear blue, with streaks of maroon and teal green inside him.


Marble was described by Niall in the 2015 series onwards as being an outgoing and energetic character who is loud at times and very competitive. He loves to prank others with Soccer Ball, but sometimes their pranks go too far. When a prank of the extreme fails, he easily feels remorse.


  • Marble is currently Niall's favorite character.
  • Marble makes a cameo appearance in episode 6 of Object Lockdown, as he is seen in a window of a house.

So Marble did loose a tooth(y). Huh.

  • According to a reply by Niall himself, Marble lost his tooth when he smashed into a tree while riding a wagon down a hill.
  • He stated that he is making an animation about it, but it wasn't released in some way as of current.
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