This article focuses on the interactions of Marble and Pearly. They were on the same team, but since Pearly was cut from the reboot, their relationship did not expanded upon.

Marble and Pearly can be shipped as "Pearble."

Episodes suggesting a friendship

The End of the Beginning: Masky mentions that Top Hat is teaching Marble and Pearly how to act proper.

A Shocking Addition: Boombox chooses Marble and Pearly on her team. In the challenge, Marble and Pearly are partnered. As an error, Pearly is supposed to guide Marble, but later she is being guided by him (when it should be vice versa).

Branching Out: At the end, Marble is seen with heart eyes looking at Pearly when she says that Team Tune had a good winning streak.

In Deeper Waters: Marble makes an alliance with Pearly.

​Episodes suggesting a conflict

In Deeper Waters: Marble gets angry at Pearly when she becomes friends with Ping Pong Ball.