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Melony, "Rostrum Rampage"

Melony is a character in the Object Overload franchise. She is a contestant in both the 2013 and 2015 series.

Character Bio

Melony is a rather fragile slice of jubilee watermelon who is one of the most shy competitors of the franchise. She is also the character with the most deaths, having died eight times throughout the franchise.

Melony is known for dying often, as she dies in almost every episode of the series at least one time. Most of her deaths involve being cut in half or metal parts, but even a glass shard on the head can kill her. The only episode where she did not die was in "A Shocking Addiction."

Melony's personality simply equates to a timid and bashful character who is constantly bullied by her 'best rival' Crayon. She despises Crayon for this to the point where she votes for her a couple of times.


Melony resembles a regular slice of watermelon. Her flesh is red, her rind is green, and her seeds are maroon.


Melony's body is semi-circular, with a green stripey rind to protect the sides of her flesh. She has red-orange flesh that makes up most of her body, with nine maroon seeds surrounded near the rind, which gets farther apart as it goes from left to right. Her face is on the flesh, while her short legs are located at the bottom of the rind.


Normally, Melony is seen as a shy contestant, being very uncomfortable with her life. She is often bullied by Crayon.

According to Niall, Melony is also really stupid and dumb.


The End of the Beginning

Melony was first seen after Toothy and his alliance leaves to find Top Hat, asking where Dusty was. Ping Pong Ball tells her that he died and Clock and Boombox were building a recovery center. During the challenge, Clock kicks a dodgeball towards Snow Globe, causing it to hit his glass globe and shatter. One of the shards flies into Melony, killing her.

A Shocking Addition

Melony was put onto Clock's team, which was later named Team Time. In the challenge, she is the one to enter the maze with Crayon guiding her. However, she was too busy on the phone to help her. Eventually, she ends the call, only for Melony to remind her about the challenge. Even though Crayon managed to guide Melony out of the maze, their team still lost.

Melony's Deaths

Object Overload Trivia 4- Melony Deaths

Object Overload Trivia 4- Melony Deaths

Melony NEVER catches a break.

Melony is well known for dying in (almost) every episode, considering the fact that she is extremely fragile. These deaths include:

  • The End of the Beginning: A shard of glass hits her head.
  • Set in Stone:
    • Is hit by a shard of mirror glass Lighter threw.
    • Is crushed by Team Time's Gamey statue.
  • Branching Out: Is kicked by Crayon and falls from a great height.
  • In Deeper Waters:
    • Probably drowned along with the rest of Team Time after their boat's motor malfunctions, causing it to sink.
    • Is sliced by the boat's rouge propeller.
  • Lost and Found: Is cut into two by a stick.
  • Buckets of Fun:
    • Is crushed by a falling tree.
    • Gets a discount card thrown into her forehead.
  • OO Reboot Intro (debatable death): One of the propellers on Clock's exploded plane cuts her head.
  • Rostrum Rampage:
    • Is cut in two by a helicopter propeller.
    • A helicopter squishes her while she was being recovered by the Doorway of Life.
  • OO Cast Picture: Is cut into two.


  • Despite being the second easiest contestant to kill, Melony has died more times than Dusty, the first easiest contestant to kill, as she has two more deaths than him (8 > 6).
  • Niall said that the only way of keeping Melony more relevant to the show is by killing her in every episode. However, she doesn't die in A Shocking Addition.
  • Niall also said that she could've been written a better character for her, but it would have took forever for him to do so.
  • According to Set in Stone, the color of Melony's blood is pink.
    • However, her blood can be sometimes shown as red.
  • She was also planned to be in a now-cancelled object show called Best of the Rest.
    • This makes her the third contestant to compete on another show (the first being Kite, second being Soccer Ball).
      • This also makes her the second armless contestant to compete on another show (the first being Soccer Ball).
  • In Inanimate Insanity II, Melony's body makes a cameo in Cooking For The Grater Good.
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