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Niall: I think I probably...I thought about saying- the last time I talked about how Object Overload might be a thing again, but still, like...maybe, uh, probably yeah. it's pretty much like a thing now. I-I-I want to do Object Overload again. I have- I have nothing much to show or say about that., that's pretty much it.

Sam: Wait, you don't have anything to say? Do I- Do you wanna share any- I mean, you can share any, say you have an ide- Like, you gonna make it all at once, or you gonna release it-

Niall: Uh, okay, so. My idea is that, because...uh, I'm now the person that is famous for...uh, I made an episode- I made a show, and I cancelled it, and then I rebooted it and made an episode, and now that's pretty much cancelled too. So, I really do not feel comfortable in, know, making just one episode and then releasing it again and then losing motivation, so I probably want to, two or three episodes and then release them all very close to each other, then start producing episodes faster. Like, the show would be...using much more limited style. I'm sure everyone's familiar with like, you know, like BFB and stuff, but it won't be exactly like that. Like, I'll still be using assets or whatever.

— From "Fun Little Stream (Ft. Sam)"
This version of Object Overload is an upcoming reboot or episode for the series. Not much is known about this version, but Niall has stated that if the show comes into fruition, the cast of characters would be shortened dramatically. It is also unknown if Gamey is going to come back as the host of this version of the show or if Lightswitch and/or PB and J will appears as contestants.
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