PB and J or PB & J, is a character created for the deviantArt camp Battle for CornCake by Cormack Oliver and a possible future newbie in Object Overload.


PB and J appears to be a white bread, peanut butter and jam sandwich. He has little dimples on his cheeks (possibly as a way to make him look younger).

Character Bio

According to his BFCC aplication: "PB&J is extremely socially inept, he struggles to cope in even the slightest of social situations. He spends most of his time doing nothing but is extremely artistically and musically talented because of the time he spends alone. He is poor at both physical and verbal communication and because of this never developed adequate social abilities. Mostly because he never really tried to."


  • He's one of the two (possible) debuters in a future reboot, along with Lightswitch.