Paper Airplane (PA for short) is a male contestant in Object Overload and its reboot.


Paper Airplane appears to be an armless, white, traditional paper plane.


Paper Airplane is a massive daredevil, being determined and ready to win for both Team Tune and his alliance-mates. However, he feels a bit shy about things like cliff diving before doing it.


Unlike the other contestants, Paper Airplane can normally fly without needing anything. For extra distance, he will do a running start, such as when he did so as an attempt to go over the gap in Branching Out, or when Fly Swat suggested that he and Paper Airplane need a running start to get extra distance. Despite this, however, Toothy, Coney, and Fly Swat can take over his ability to fly.


Episode Status
Set in Stone Immune
Branching Out Immune
In Deeper Waters Safe
Lost and Found Immune
Buckets of Fun Immune
Episode 8 Eliminated


  • Despite his ability to fly in the series, in real life, paper airplanes glide, not fly.
  • He is the only armless member in Toothy's alliance.
  • Paper Airplane may have a carrying capacity.
  • he is the second paper-based character eliminated in the original series. The first one is Tissue.
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