OO Locky 2018 design.png Unreleased content or cut from the show

Pearly is about something that has been cut or replaced. They might have been removed from the reboot or from another episode or may have been a deleted episode.

Pearly is a female contestant in Object Overload.


Pearly appears to be a freshwater pearl, but her color is unknown. She may be pink or rose.


Like Kite, Pearly is one of the nicest characters of the series. Marble has a crush on her, but she seems to only like him as a friend. Pearly was used more as a plot device for Marble, with his ever growing quest to win Pearly's heart, as most of her screen time was involved with Marble.


  • Pearly is one of the four characters who got cut from the reboot.
    • This makes her the only character with arms to be cut, as Ping Pong Ball is limbless and Disc and Locky are armless.
  • In the tribute video, she has eyelashes.
    • According to Niall, she wears eyelash extensions.
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