Locky Cut from the show

Pearly is about something that has been cut or replaced. They might have been removed from the reboot or from another episode.

Pearly is a female contestant in Object Overload.


Pearly appears to be a freshwater pearl, but her color is unknown. She may be pink or rose.


Like Kite, Pearly is one of the nicest characters of the series. Marble has a crush on her, but she seems to only like him as a friend.


  • Marble has a crush on her.
  • Pearly is one of the four characters who got cut from the reboot.
    • This makes her the only character with arms to be cut, as Ping Pong Ball is limbless and Disc and Locky are armless.
  • In the tribute video, she has eyelashes.
    • According to Niall, she wears eyelash extensions.
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