Picture is a female contestant on Object Overload and its reboot.


Picture appears to be a rectangular frame containing a picture.

Though her design changed throughout the series, some of her appearance elements are still there. Her frame is brown, the sky of her picture is blue, and the hills are green.

While in the original series the appearance elements is shown on Picture, she gains a sun (and later clouds) in the reboot. The sun is white, and the clouds are light gray.


Picture is a very bashful and shy player, and is usually too nervous to speak out loud, if not at all. She likes to sit peacefully on the grass. Despite her peaceful intentions, however, Picture isn't afraid when it comes to fighting. In Rostrum Rampage, she kicks Lighter, causing him to shatter. She also acts awkwardly.


  • Picture is one of the three contestants that were originally going to be cut from the reboot but were able to stay. The other two being Soccer Ball and Masky.
  • Picture is easily mistaken by fans as a boy.
  • Picture has a connection to flowers.
  • Picture isn't afraid of Lighter, as she kicked him in Rostrum Rampage.
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