Popcorn is a female contestant in Object Overload and its reboot.


Popcorn appears to be a buttered popcorn kernel, a small piece of substance that is made by heating corn. Her body is yellow, having lumps appear all over her body.


Popcorn is timid and soft-spoken, being sweet and kind toward other people, specifically Casey and Snowglobe. However, she can be stubborn if she doesn't get her way, even going as far as to the point where she uses the puppy eyes.


  • Popcorn is considered by Candy to be "ugly" as she is bumpy and "gross."
  • Popcorn and Casey have a best-friend relationship.
  • Popcorn was the first character to accuse Boxing Glove for killing people.
  • There was originally going to be a rivalry between Popcorn's closest friends, Casey and Snow Globe, but this was scrapped.
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