Pumpkin is a male contestant in Object Overload's reboot.


Pumpkin appears to be an unlit jack-o-lantern, a Halloween decoration and a light source made from carving a pumpkin. His body is orange, and his stem is green.


Pumpkin tries constantly to prove he is an horrifying being full of evil, as he considers himself death and despair. However, due to his appearance, no one believes that he is threatening, and rather see him as hilarious. He's also shown to be rude.


  • He is the only contestant to be introduced in the reboot.
  • He is the only character in all of Object Overload who sports custom face assets.
  • Pumpkin's name is sometimes misspelled by fans as "Pumkin". Some fans think it is an homage to a game called "Hungry Pumkin".
  • Pumpkin is the first character to die in the reboot, while Tissue is the first to die in the original series.
  • The only character he successfully scared was Casey, as seen in the tribute video.
  • It seems that his only tactic of scaring other people is to hide in the bushes and pop out yelling "Boo!" if anyone passes by his location.
  • Pumpkin, alongside Globe and Candy, are the only contestants whose names technically don't match what they are.
  • Pumpkin and Masky are the two characters that don’t use the normal assets, since Pumpkins’ eyes are carved in and Masky‘s eyes are made to be cut out.
    • Pumpkin's name comes from his appearance as an unlit jack-o-lantern, which is made from carving a pumpkin.
      • This is similar to the base of Foldy's name.
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