Snow Globe is a male character in the Object Overload franchise. He first appeared as a contestant for the 2013 series, although his name was spelled as Snowglobe, and also competed in the 2015 series.

Character Bio

Snow Globe is a tough snow globe who is often very grumpy. According to Casey, he doesn't have a sense of humor and doesn't find a lot of things funny.

Despite his tough exterior in personality, physically he isn't that tough. His globe is made of glass - if hit hard enough, it breaks. If his globe is broken physically in half, he dies.

He also has a kinder side, often expressed with Popcorn.

His personality bio from SOTF is as stated: "Snow Globe is a free-spirited, relaxed and careless person. He takes life in his stride and lets very little get under his skin. When very young, Snow Globe would spend most of his spare time adventuring and exploring. Doing this has allowed him to develop good physical strength. He also is naturally charismatic and very open with others about his thoughts and feelings, this usually allows him to get along with others. Although he tries to be, he's not very intelligent. He lacks a lot of basic common sense and tends to jump straight into action rather than think and strategize."


Snow Globe appears to be a snow globe, as mentioned by his name. His spherical globe, which appears to be made out of glass, is blue and transparent, and his stand is brown. In his globe, there is what appears to be fake-snow resting on the bottom.


Object Overload-OO Reboot Episode 1

Snow Globe is often very grumpy. As he doesn't have a sense of humor (according to Casey), he doesn't find a lot of things funny (thus having a rivalry with Casey) and is frequently and easily irritated, especially by Casey. However, he also has a kind side to him, often expressed when he is with Popcorn.

Upcoming Object Overload Episode

Despite not having any common sense, Snow Globe is free-spirited and careless. He is very strong, due to his background of adventuring an exploring.


  • Snow Globe is easily killable by his glass globe being able to be shattered.
  • Snow Globe is voiced by Taylor Grodin, who co-animates Inanimate Insanity.
  • Snow Globe is the third contestant to be easily killed, the others are Melony and Dusty.
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