Soccer Ball is a male contestant in Object Overload and its reboot.


When the series began, Soccer Ball was a coward who had a major fear of Boxing Glove, but apart from that, he didn't have that much of a personality.

However, Soccer Ball gets braver during the reboot. Soccer Ball also has a habit of fantasizing, and he seems to ironically like sports.


  • Soccer Ball is one of the three contestants that were originally going to be cut from the reboot but were able to stay, the other two being Picture and Masky.
  • RUNNING GAG: Since Soccer Ball has a major fear of Boxing Glove, as he screams and runs away in the original series when he's near him.
  • He is also a contestant on another object show, Hardened Happiness.
    • This makes him the second contestant to compete on another show. The others are Toaster, Melony, and Kite.
      • This also makes him the first armless contestant to compete on another show. The second is Melony and the third is Toaster.
      • He is the first male to compete on another show, the second being Toaster.
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