This article focuses on the interactions between Television and Locky. They were on the same team, but since Locky was cut from the reboot, their relationship did not expanded upon.

They can be shipped as Lockyvision or Telock.

Episodes suggesting a friendship

Set in Stone: In their debut episode, Television and Locky were put on Clock's team.

Buckets of Fun (unreleased): This is the relationship's biggest role in a suggestion in friendship. In the episode, Locky learns that because she and Television are on the same team together and both being newbies dosen't mean they're friends, thanks to Television. Locky asks if the two can be friends (however, Television does accept, but it is unknown how he accepted). Locky suggests to go and trick people, much to Television's confusion. Locky and Television only pranked Cherry in this episode by using Television's imitation ability.