I don't want any friends! Not after what happened when I used to have friends...
— Tissue, In Deeper Waters

Tissue is a male contestant in Object Overload and it's reboot. He was placed on Team Time.


Tissue doesn't seem to like anyone, and hates his team. He is the main bully target of Lighter, whom he was once friends with. Tissue may have been nice at one point before Lighter betrayed him.


  • Young Tissue and...Lighter?
  • So, tissues stop growing at some age?
  • Lighter about to betray his friend.
  • Lighter just burns him.
  • Then wads him up.
  • Tissue with a hole during the events.
  • Tissue as a wadded tissue after the events.

✕In the episode Lost and Found, we learn more about Tissue's past. Lighter and Tissue used to be friends. We can see Lighter in the first photo as nearly the same size as Tissue, but seemingly increases in size until the third photo, so it may have shown Lighter growing up with Tissue (who doesn't change in size at all). We also see Lighter starting to feel indifferent about Tissue in the second photo, then becoming angry at Tissue before his betrayal in the third photo. Lighter then betrays his friend Tissue, burning a hole through him and crumpling him up, turning Tissue into a burnt tissue wad.

This was first hinted in In Deeper Waters since Tissue told Kite that he doesn't want any friends after what happened when he "used to have friends."

Elimination history

Episode Status
Set in Stone Safe
Branching Out Safe
In Deeper Waters Immune
Lost and Found Eliminated


  • Tissue is the first character to die in the original series, while Pumpkin is the first to die in the reboot.
  • In Lost and Found, Tissue unwraps himself, meaning that he can turn back into an uncrumbled tissue, but still has the hole in him where Lighter burned him.
  • When he is recovered, he is already crumpled and has the hole, or at least the latter.
    • This is similar to Pin from the Battle For Dream Island series, as her limbs were taken away in Battle For Dream Island Again and when she was recovered, she had automatically had no limbs.
    • He is one of the two people that have appeared on Shape Battle. The other is Candy.
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