— Toaster, Rostrum Rampage

Toaster is a character in the Object Overload franchise. He was the mascot for the 2013 series, where he appeared as a contestant. He also participated as a contestant in the 2015 series.


Toaster is always in a crazy mood. Spouting random words and pulling funny faces is what everyone sees him doing normally. He has the ability to shoot out toast on command.


  • Toaster is similar to Rocky from Battle For Dream island in many ways: 
    • They are armless.
    • They are males.
    • They hardly speak.
    • They eject things (in the case of Toaster, he shoots out toast and one time a laser beam).
  • In In Deeper Waters, Toaster wanted Kite to be eliminated because he hates her, though this may be sarcasm.
  • There is an inconsistency about Toaster, though it may just happened because of the different series in which it was shown. In the 2013 series episode "In Deeper Waters," Kite dunks Toaster halfway into the water and he is unaffected, but in the 2015 series episode "Rostrum Rampage," Toaster fell into the water and explodes.
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