Toothy's alliance is one of the two alliances in Object Overload, with Marble and Pearly also being in an alliance (this ended when Pearly was cut from the reboot, however). This alliance consists of Toothy, Coney, and Paper Airplane, and later Fly Swat These also hang out in a (as Niall says, terribly done) clubhouse.


Current members

Left members


Member Formed Fly Swat joins Fly Swat becomes co-leader Boxing Glove joins Reboot
Toothy Leader Leader Leader Leader Leader
Coney Member Member Member Member Member
Paper Airplane Member Member Member Member Member
Fly Swat Not in Alliance Member Co-Leader Co-Leader Co-Leader(?)
Boxing Glove Not in Alliance Not in Alliance Not in Alliance Member Not in Alliance(?)



  • The alliance has 5 members total, but if not counting Boxing Glove, there are only 4 members.
  • It's stilll unknown if Fly Swat is still the co-leader or not.
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