These are all of Toothy's interactions between characters.


His alliance

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  • Toothy has interacted with his alliance more than any other character. When he, Paper Airplane, and Coney (the first three) appeared in The End of the Beginning, there wasn't a single mentioning of them being an alliance, so some fans simply assumed they were just close friends. A Shocking Addition is the first ever time where their alliance was officially mentioned. In Set in Stone they get a new recruit, Fly Swat, who overhears them talking. The alliance is shocked when he asks to join them, however they accept and explain the rules. Later on they force Fly Swat to scare Top Hat (which he reluctantly agreed), but he hears them and scares him. In Branching Out, they took more of a liking to Fly Swat when he offered to carry Paper Airplane up the tree, though Paper Airplane fell when he reached the top. In Lost and Found, they also introduced Fly Swat to the clubhouse. They also managed to recruit Boxing Glove, after Fly Swat mentions that he had a good side. Toothy was the one to ask Boxing Glove in. Fly Swat and Paper Airplane where also part of the group of contestants who went to find Kite.


  • Toothy and Boombox haven't interacted much in Object Overload. In The End of the Beginning and Rostrum Rampage, Toothy was hit by a dodgeball kicked by her (in Rostrum Rampage, he ended up throwing a fit about it). In In Deeper Waters, Boombox allows Toothy to paddle one of the oars, but it was just to keep him happy despite not being the strongest contestant.


  • Considering his huge ego and self-centered personality, Toothy rarely ever interacts with people outside of his own alliance. However, he thinks he is better than everyone else when it really isn't true. He's interacted with Ping Pong Ball when he entered their clubhouse.
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