Sanness and 5-Ball are sitting together

5-Ball: “Yeah, it was horrible!”

Sanness: “Well... I can’t help you with that... who made fun of you again?”

5-Ball: “Boulder, why does it matter?”

Sanness: “I’ll be riiiiight baaaack...”

Sanness zooms off

5-Ball: “*sigh* alone again...”

Sanness zooms over to Boulder, who is lifting weights

Boulder: “Huh? WHAT ARE YOU LOOKIN’ AT?”

Sanness: “Buddy... there’s a storm coming”

Sanness levitates Boulder


Sanness: “Get ready for a bad time!”

He begins repeatedly slamming Boulder into the ground

Camera zooms out to reveal Nine and Shiny Coward watching

Shiny Coward (bored): “I’m so sick of Sanness’s violence”

Nine: “He’s just trying to defend his... useless friend”

Shiny Coward: “Exactly, why should I give a care?”

Nine: “Hey! She might be useless, but she’s really nice! Whatever, wanna go stalk someone else?”

Shiny Coward: “Sure”

They walk past Flower Vase sitting on a picnic blanket

FV waves at them, then gestures to sit next to her

Shiny Coward: “I’ll pass”

FV looks mildly annoyed

Shiny Coward: “Well, maybe if you let us stalk you later”

FV looks panicked, so she pulls out an Eggy photo and throws it

Shiny Coward: “*Gasp* UNACCEPTABLE!”

He runs after the photo

Nine: “I’ll sit”

FV gives a thumbs up, so Flower Vase plops next to him


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